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The bed Barend van Orley Resurrection -detail- fd Landscape with Peasants The Quiet Abode Kosovo build wood bed frame Me and My Doll Statelinecity conservation framing The Battle Between the Gods and the Tita View in the Kaaterskill Cove Jeffersonville Wheaton Portrait fo Maurits Huygens -33- The Soda Fountain The Concert e tr A Printer s Workshop framed photo Crucifix -detail- dfg The Young maid Peeckelbaering impressionism painting q burns abstract message The Holy Family Waterfall with Castle Built on the Rock Venus and Vulcan af May Queen Festival A Morning Viw of Blue Hill Village Peabody museum Figure Helel Allingham,RWS inspiration metal shrinker stretcher Church Interior Lane at the Jardin du Luxembourg -nn04- The Supper at Emmaus Maryesther Portrait of Jeremias de Decker Portrait of a Woman with rde Ribbon -nn0