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Supper at Emmaus

Måleriet identifieringen: 63018

1538 Oil on canvas, 235 x 250 cm Sacristy, Parish Church, Cittadella Although undated, the painting is likely to go back to about 1538, a particularly felicitous period in Jacopo Bassano's art. Lorenzetti (1911) places it in the early part of the artist's stay in Bonifacio da Pitati's workshop and pointed out the obvious links with the latter's painting on the same theme, now to be seen in the Brera. There is a certain contrast between the solemn, hieratic figure of Christ and the rough and realistic close-up of the innkeeper on the one hand, and on the other, the little scene of the crouching dog being teased by the cat from a distance. The postures of the two disciples, the laboured perspective of the table, and some genre episodes were to recur in his later "Supper" version, now in the Borghese Gallery, Rome. The still-life in the centre of the work standing but against the linen tablecloth is a marvel of pictorial observation. A virtually lone harbinger of the main marks and elements of forthcoming Venetian painting (Tintoretto), Jacopo Bassano here sweeps the scene clear. In any case, light is the master here; it picks out the details and throws them into sharp outline. Artist: BASSANO, Jacopo Painting Title: Supper at Emmaus , 1551-1600 Painting Style: Italian , , religious

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