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Le dejeuner dans l-atelier -40- photo impressionism Cliffs, Green River, Wyoming Zealand Landscape Bacchus -df02- The Meeting of St Erasmus and St Maurice van gogh print The Gleaners Musee Sebastiaan Leerse in his Gallery dgh The Adoration of the Magi dfg Queen Mariana -df01- The Morning Toilet Portrait of a gentleman,three-quarter le mirror mumbai Venus and Cupid with a Satyr Stigmatization of St.Francis Market Scene Edouard Vuillard Foxrivergrove The Holy Family he is Landscape with Rainbow,Henley-on-Thames Madame Stumpf et sa fille -11- Pattern of Chinese Brocade Logging in Winter,Beaupre -nn02- mirror tile Still Life with Apples and Peaches The Resurrection of Christ THE MADONNA OF THE CHAIR or Madonna dell Reidsville Recreation by our Gallery Karfovac CAROTO, Giovanni Francesco Around the Table Conley The Sleeping Gypsy Mrs Richard Yates HERRERA, Francisco de, the Elder The Romans of the Decadence