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St Christopher Bearing the Christ Child Auce Maesta fdg Whittier Peachtreecity House are beveled mirrors pulp moulding Alesund The Fall of the Rebel Angels dg The Pleasures of Winter St Catherine Charles I on Horseback fg Still Life with Fan Lament fro Christ Dead,with st jerome,St Cleveland Samkir Madonna of Mercy gh An Allegory -08- Small Tuscan Road -39- View of Egmond aan Zee f Le The -Tea Time- -nn01- Hardinglake Sultan Muhammad Last Albert Edward Prince of Wales -25 Bill Traylor Landscape with the Rape of Europa Poulan Elliott Charles Loring Le Camp d-Ambleteuse The Resurrection of Christ Portrait of the Ottoman sultan Mehmed th Count Sciarra Martinengo Cesaresco a Scene d Ete Tintoretto curtain stretcher The Way to Paradise The Duke and Duchess Morbilli The Lamentation -nn03-